Thursday, July 22, 2010

Park West Artist Andrew Bone’s Life-Size Creation

Park West Gallery artist Andrew Bone
Park West Gallery artist Andrew Bone has accomplished an incredible and unheard of creative feat with his recent life-size painting of a charging elephant. With the canvas spanning an incredible 54” x 95”, Bone explains that he had to make “fundamental changes” to his studio to create such a powerful masterpiece. “Everything went on wheels to get from one end of the painting to another, the brushes got bigger and the canvas had to be hung on a bar in order to move it off the easel when I was not working on it.”

Andrew Bone's work has always captured his immense respect and awe for the animals of South Africa.  This is no different.  Bone has said that one should not "paint it unless you've studied it, been chased by it, or done something to save it."

“Andrew was actually charged by this bull in the wild, and he captured the energy of that dramatic moment so powerfully,” said Park West Gallery director Morris Shapiro. “I don’t know if an artist has ever painted a life-size elephant head before, but I doubt it.”

To see this amazing accomplishment and to learn about the wildife master and his upcoming “arduous” adventure on the Zambezi River, visit the Park West Gallery Art Blog.

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