Thursday, August 5, 2010

Artist Peter Nixon Talks About the Park West Experience

Peter Nixon, Allure. Park West Gallery
Detail from “Allure” (2005), Peter Nixon | The Park West Gallery Collection
“Working with Park West is a unique opportunity and a dream job for an artist…,” says Peter Nixon, who has been part of the Park West Gallery family of artists for over 5 years. “The mission—started by Albert Scaglione in 1969—was, and still is, to make art accessible to everyone... [Park West] is an organization with complete commitment, honesty and integrity towards their work. I certainly don’t think you stay in the business for 40 years if you’re not.”

Watch the full interview with Peter Nixon at the Park West Gallery Art Blog

Learn more about Peter Nixon at the Park West Gallery Artist Biographies or view selections of his work from the Park West Gallery Collection.

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