Wednesday, January 26, 2011

All You Need is Love, and Csaba Markus

"When I began painting, I was thinking about music.
I asked myself, what was the most influential and important music
of the century? Of course, there can always be arguments about this,
but my choice was the Beatles. They were always authoritative,
exciting, and innovative and every song was a love song."
—CSABA MARKUS (January 26, 1953 – )

Csaba Markus, Park West Gallery Fine Art Collection
“Europea” by Csaba Markus | Park West Gallery Fine Art Collection
There are many other painters in the world, but many Park West Gallery collectors will tell you that there is only one whose paintings can create such contrasts within such harmony, one who can express the Eternal Feminine in her many guises, both as mortal woman and as mythological goddess. There is one who does not paint merely to please the eye, but to shake the soul of the viewer.

There is only one, and his name is Csaba Markus.

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